What is Post-Traumatic Growth?


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This, the fifth title in a new series of fresh, accessible mind, body, spirit guides, explores the ground-breaking concept of post-traumatic growth, explaining what it means and sharing practical tools that will support readers on their journey from the distress of trauma to a place of stability and a deeper kind of happiness.

The phenomenon of trauma occurs when extremely stressful events shatter your emotional and psychological well-being, overwhelming your ability to cope. According to the charity PTSD, 1 in 2 people will experience trauma at some point in their life, and 20% of those will develop post-traumatic stress.

This fascinating and accessible book explains the many varied forms trauma can take, shows how to recognize signs of post-traumatic stress, and offers resilience-building strategies to go beyond ‘coping’ with it in order to grow from it instead – proving that what doesn’t kill you can indeed make you stronger.

After an insightful introduction about why the subject of post-traumatic growth is so worth exploring, each main chapter addresses key questions such as:

  • What is trauma and what is post-traumatic stress?
  • What is meant by the concept of post-traumatic growth?
  • How do you cope positively during and after trauma?
  • How can you strengthen your resilience to keep going through adversity?
  • And, finally, how can you grow from this adversity?

As such, this book brings readers on an exploratory journey through the world of post-traumatic growth, reframing how readers view trauma and showing them how they can emerge from its shadow with a new appreciation for life, greater well-being and a higher level of functioning.