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Inspire Your Creative Writing with Buddhist Wisdom

Using a powerful combination of the spiritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism and contemporary Western cognitive therapy, Joe Sestito shows his readers how to free themselves from the inner and outer obstacles that may hold them back from living and writing with true creativity and enjoyment.

He takes you through the steps of developing a concept for a manuscript, proceeding to write, overcome writer’s block and bring the project to completion. He demonstrates the best way to write a persuasive book proposal to present to agents and publishers, and inspires writers with the psychological and spiritual resilience to stick with their project.

Lively practical exercises and meditations are interspersed throughout the book.

“Inspire your creativity and intensify your living and don’t worry if you’re not a writer, life is the highest art form and you will express yourself in whatever way, all the better with the help of Joe and his mentors.”
Robert A.F. Thurman, Buddhist writer and academic

“A self-help manual for those who wish to write, and indeed might even have great experience and skill in the literary arts but who feel constricted by the infamous ghost of writer’s block.”
Glenn H. Mullin, Tibetologist and writer

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