You Can Think Differently


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Do you want more from your life?

Nothing reflects your quality of life more than your thinking. Thinking shapes your beliefs and makes you decide how to act, or not to act. What you think can also feed your fears and fill you with reasons for not making the changes you desire.

In this simple, easy-to-use book, you will learn to free your mind of negative attitudes and develop the power to focus and prioritise. The book contains 20 specially devised exercises to help you create a positive mental attitude. Exercises include simple practices such as journaling, visualisation and affirmations. You will learn how to shift your personal perspective so that you can:

  • Change your thinking to make accurate and effective decisions
  • Rely on and build your inner strength
  • Enhance your sense of self worth
  • Build your confidence


Caterina Rando invites you to unlock your hidden power

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthusio, meaning “the God within you”. There is tremendous power within you. To tap into your personal power, bring your enthusiasm to every page in this book. Let your enthusiasm and the book’s messages combine to show you how to create a richer, vibrant, more fulfilling life.

Be open to these messages. Many of them are revealed clearly; others may be lying in wait—between the lines, as it were. Your power is unleashed when you let yourself assimilate, reflect upon and implement all the ideas bound within these pages.

Use the book in the way you know will serve you best. You do not have to do the exercises in order; you do not have to do them all; and, if your time is precious, you could do only those that will take a few minutes. The point is that somehow, in some way, you take the first positive step to bring power thinking into your life. Draw strength from the anecdotes I have presented—they are about real people whose lives have changed through the techniques in this book. Let their true stories inspire you.

And finally, from my heart to your heart I send you potere infinito—infinite power!

About Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando is a professional speaker and Master Certified Coach, the highest designation awarded by the International Coach Federation, as well as co-author of several leadership and business books. Known for her dynamic, warm and authentic speaking style, Caterina’s passion, experience and business acumen help her audiences achieve their goals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organisational Behaviour and a Master of Arts Degree in Life Transitions Counselling Psychology.

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