Ancient Mysteries of Water

There is no more important substance on earth than water: it is the source of life, one of the four classic elements and makes up over 70% of our bodies and our planet. Dr. Paolo Consigli's book The Hidden Secret of Water allows us to…
Personal Development

What is Post-traumatic Growth?

Miriam Akhtar introduces What Is Post-Traumatic Growth?, the fifth title in a new series of fresh, accessible mind, body, spirit guides, explores the ground-breaking concept of post-traumatic growth. Out in May 2017. It’s not as familiar as PTSD but it’s just as likely to come…

Conversation with Tom Fortes Mayer, author of The FreeMind Experience

Steve Nobel interviews Tom Fortes Mayer, author of The FreeMind Experience. Follow Watkins Media on SoundCloud and listen to the latest interviews and talks. As an EXTRA BONUS for listening to this podcast Tom is offering you this free track on Alignment: drive.google.com/open?id=0ByN_UYf…pYMGs&authuser=0 https://soundcloud.com/watkins-media/the-freemind-experience Listen…