Tamara Russell


Body and Mind Training Exercise: Alert and Relaxed

Mindfulness in Motion‘s author Tamara Russell shares some of the exercises from her book. Mindfulness in Motion can help you manage stress, anxiety or depression, and can lead to unprecedented self-awareness through body-centred mindfulness. Tamara Russell has created this unique practice by combining meditation, martial…

Morning Mindfulness with Tamara Russell

Keep calm in the capital with Tower Bridge’s one-off series of mindful movement sessions on its famous Glass Floor, 42 metres above the Thames.   Weaving in the stunning backdrop of the city and observing the contrasting motions that range from the bustle of the…

Train Your Attention with BMT

Extract from Mindfulness in Motion by Tamara Russell. In BMT (Body in Mind Training) we seek to discover what we can do right now – in the midst of our busy everyday lives – to train our attention, using the moving body as our main…