June 21st – Yoga For a Mutual Society

We all need to understand that personal transformation and cultural – economic and political – transformation are interconnected. For example, gender relationships, which are tough for people to deal with, are key to whether a society orients to domination or partnership in all its relations.…

Abhyasa: Commit Yourself to Love

Patanjali suggests overcoming the obstacles of life by simply going on while concentrating on one principle (eka tattva abhyasa), which in yoga can be any form of meditation.  Yoga teacher Gilda Giannoni shows an asana sequence that can help us to develop the required qualities…

The Chakra – Mudras Connection

The energy of our fingers is related to the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether), so the practice of mudras (hand gestures) can enhance meditation and facilitate the energetic flow in the body through the chakras. Chakra Meditation and The Essential Guide to…

Mudras at the London Om Yoga Show

Since its launch in 2003, the Om Yoga Show has been Europe’s largest yoga event. It is a yoga experience that brings together a community of enthusiasts looking to enhance their practice, meet new people, get inspired by talks and workshops and discover healthy lifestyle…

Transform Anger with Dhyana Mudra

Extract from Mudras for Modern Life by Swami Saradananda. When someone is depicted using this gesture in Eastern or Western art, it is usually an indication that they are experiencing deep meditation. Dhyana Mudra is used in a variety of Eastern meditative traditions for tuning…
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