Take Control and Relax with This Is For You

Are you are feeling frazzled from a busy work schedule? Overwhelmed by current events and the endless news cycle? Frustrated and stuck in a rut, or simply spinning too many plates at once? Then This is for You

This creative toolkit takes you through 100 exercises to help you reframe your priorities, and find more time for you. With chapters exploring Body, Mind, Feelings, Relationships, Time, Work, Environment, Creativity and Change, every page contains a fun new interactive challenge and a new way of seeing your world. We’ve shared three of the activities as downloadable sheets below, but you can order the book right now from your favourite retailer: This Is For You

Activity 43: Supporting others can be of great benefit to both the helper and the receiver of the help. Balance in relationships is important – if you’re someone who always gives and never takes, this can be as frustrating for others as someone who never gives and always takes. People are usually grateful to be asked for help, and enjoy feeling needed. Take a look at this worksheet to help yourself practice asking for help: Asking For Help sheet

Activity 13: You don’t have to do this every day, but dedicating a day now and again where you pause several times for 3 minutes and see what thoughts come to the surface is a great way of checking in with yourself about where you are mentally. Give it a try and keep track of what comes up: 3 Minutes activity sheet

Activity 71: Likely to be high-achieving and to appear successful to the outside world, inside ‘impostors’ feel that others have a disproportionately over-inflated view of them. Grounding ourselves in the reality of the situation can help. Use the illustrated ‘gift boxes’ in the downloadable sheet to write down some of the things you’ve brought to the world: What Are Your Gifts printable sheet