The Church of Jediism New Website Is Now Live!


To celebrate Star Wars day The Church of Jediism website officially re-launches today!

Be sure to visit www.becometheforce.com and sign up. Join a community of free but focused Jediist spirits determined to bring the forces of light into the world.

If you want to understand your meaning and purpose The Church of Jediism is a supportive community that can help you find out who you are and what your destiny is. You will learn how to harness the powers of the Force and become one with the universe of untapped potential within and around you. You will learn how to awaken your dormant superpowers and become the positive change you want to see in the world.

Don’t miss signing up for some spectacular training opportunities with Jediist masters such as the awesome Loyd Auerbach but, above all, enjoy familiarising yourself with the website and all the information, inspiration and support that it has to offer you – not least the stunning artwork of legendary sci fi artist Michael David Ward.

We learn and grow from your feedback about our website so please do get in touch with us via our Contact Me form as we would love to hear from you.

‘See’ you online and remember from now on there is no ‘May.’ There is only ‘Become the Force’ or do not ‘Become the Force.’ The choice is yours.

Happy Star Wars Day. Make it a truly memorable Star Wars day by joining The Church of Jediism.

Daniel M. Jones

Founding head, The Church of Jediism and author of Become the Force, out in November 2017.