The Healing Power of Mandalas

From the profound depths of the tranquility of mandala meditation emerge insights that help us tap into and develop our innate healing power 

Mandalas most often take the form of a circle – a shape that represents the self, the Earth, the Sun, the cosmos and the state of wholeness that is the ultimate aim of mandala meditation. By taking this path we move toward a state of completeness and a realization of our true nature, which, like the circle of the mandala, is boundless and perfect. Experiencing such a deep sense of unity can be an immensely healing experience.

Healing is synonymous with “becoming whole” – attaining a state of internal and external harmony. To heal, we must bring imbalances in the mind and spirit back into a state of equilibrium, which in turn has an positive effect on the body. However, mandala mediation is about much more that this: it also makes us feel more complete by taking us on a journey of self-realization.

The healing power of mandala meditation

The unique pressures of modern living make the need for healing more prevalent now that ever. As we work longer hours, commute further and often don’t take enough time to eat healthily, exercise or unwind, so the statistics for stress-related illness rise. The high expectations that we set ourselves strain our physical, mental and emotional resources, and may lead to physical symptoms, relationship problems or a generalized sense of lack fulfilment. All are messages we should take notice of and act upon.

Fortunately, body and mind have an immense capacity for self-regeneration. And if we slow down and withdraw within ourselves, we create a space for this.

Clench your fist and see what happens. You probably feel tense and trapped. Then relax your hand. Do you feel more open, more receptive? The same principle applies to the mind. When your mind is stressed and cluttered, your body will feel tense; but when your mind is quiet, your body will follow suit, relaxing in a way that allows your innate healing processes to begin their work.

Healing begins at a profound level that we cannot control consciously. It might feel spontaneous and immediate, like a cog slipping into place. Or it might evolve over time. Mandala meditation allows you to encourage healing at a pace that is right for you. By setting aside a little time every day to look at a mandala – ten minutes is ideal initially – you will take the first steps on a journey away from anxiety andstress toward the increased balance, optimism and freedom that come from reconnecting with your inner resources and gaining a fresh perspective on life’s challenges.


Mandalas for healing


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Learn how to meditate on mandalas.


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