The Interconnected Nature of the Human Body

Our feet are connected with other parts of the body, Reflexology for Fertility author and reflexologist Barbara Scott explains how this can help in dealing with fertility problems.

It can be a curious thing for proponents of western medicine to understand that the feet are not only able to provide us with information about our health and well-being, but can play an important role in bringing us back to optimum health and well-being. Reflexology has been in existence for many thousands of years, originating in China, India and Egypt. Its use has survived not only the passage of time, but the introduction and development of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals, and now increasing numbers of patients are returning to using more natural methods of healing – not only for their physical bodies, but for the intrinsically linked, emotional, mental and spiritual selves too. In modern medicine conditions are treated individually, without understanding that whatever happens energetically in the physical self will impact upon every other part of us as a living organism.

The theory and principle of reflexology is that every part of your body is reflected in the feet – by working with these very specific reflex points we are able to identify areas that are not working quite as well as they could be. This may be caused by a ‘physical’ condition but it may be just as likely that the causal factor could be emotional or mental. Our physical and emotional selves mirror each other. On a simple level we all know that if we have sustained a physical injury that prevents us from being up and about doing everyday normal things, it can have an effect upon our mood. And we also know is that if our moods are low then any physical aches and pains may be exacerbated.

Reproductive Reflexology is complex and therefore requires a forensic approach. Much of the basis for planning treatment is the information gathered at the initial consultation stage, as this may well be where the key to underlying issues is discovered. It could be something as seemingly small and insignificant as a mildly irregular menstrual cycle, caused by an episode of work-related stress that means that clients are not ‘getting their timing’ right. Using a method called ‘Repro-Assessment’ allows practitioners to interpret information in the reproductive reflex points and ascertain that the correct things are happening at the right time in the menstrual cycle.  We then use advanced techniques to correct any anomalies that may be present.  The end result is a properly functioning menstrual cycle, a couple that can identify ovulation effectively and the creation of the best opportunity for conception.

To know more, follow Barbara’s free webinar presentation on Saturday, May 7th at 3.30. You can register HERE.

Barbara ScottBarbara Scott trained with Nicola Hall of the Bayly School of Reflexology and she is a member of The British Reflexology Association, The Association of Reflexologists, The Federation of Holistic Therapists, and is now Chair of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. She has been in practice for over 20 years. She lives in Wales.


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