The Mystery Experience

– by Tim Freke

This is the mystery experience. It’s happening now. Something wonderfully mysterious is going on. We’re conscious of being alive, but we don’t know what life is. How astonishing! We inhabit a vast universe, but we don’t know what the universe is. How amazing! We’re experiencing this moment, but we don’t what this moment is. How intriguing!

If I examine this moment I see that I’m experiencing a tapestry of shapes and colours that I call the ‘world’. But what is the world? I’m experiencing thoughts and feelings arising in my mind. But where do they come from? I feel certain that I exist. But I don’t know why I exist. How bewildering!

Life is so utterly mysterious it takes my breath away. Yet normally most of us go about our business as if being alive was nothing remarkable. We pretend we know what’s going on, when really we don’t. We act as if we understand what it is to be a human being, when actually it is an enormous enigma of mind-boggling proportions.

When I dive deeply into the mystery experience it feels as if I’m dissolving in an ocean of love. There’s an awe-inspiring sense of oneness with the universe. My sensual body comes alive. The search for meaning is resolved into a wordless ‘understanding’, which is so deep it must be felt not thought. There’s the silent certainty that all is well. And such a feeling of relief… like coming home.

I’ve been exploring the mystery experience ever since I experienced a spontaneous awakening when I was a twelve year old boy. Over the decades I’ve had the privilege of being with many people when they’ve found themselves in the awakened state for the first time. And the most common thing that people say is simply ‘WOW’.

In recent years I’ve been running mystery experience retreats in which I guide people directly to the awakened state. Afterwards I receive a large number of moving emails from participants. By far the most used word is ‘WOW’, which is usually in capital letters followed by a string of exclamation marks!!!

I like the word ‘wow’. I think of the word as modern American slang, but my dictionary tells me it’s a natural expression that originated in 16th century Scotland. ‘Wow’ is a way of expressing astonishment and wonder. It’s a great word to describe how it feels when we awaken, because the mystery experience is a very big WOW. It’s better than the best surprise you’ve ever had.

At the end of a mystery experience retreat I ran in Las Vegas, whilst we luxuriated together in the wonder of the WOW, people attempted to describe what they were experiencing in various ways. Then a lovely woman called Kate said ‘This is what everyone wants to feel.’

I love this description of the awakened state, because it’s so simple and so true. The mystery experience is the WOW that everyone is searching for. We all long to feel alive and when we awaken we feel totally alive. We all long for freedom and when we awaken we know that we’re completely free. We all long for love and when we awaken we become immersed in limitless love.

About the Author: Tim Freke has spent his life exploring the mystery experience and sharing it with others. He has an honors degree in philosophy and is a respected authority on world spirituality. He is the bestselling author of more than 30 books that have established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker. He runs mystery experience retreats internationally, in which he guides others directly to a spiritually awakened state. More information on the mystery experience here and on the big love experience here. To find out more visit www.themysteryexperience.com


Tim Freke
The Mystery Experience
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