The Path of the Mystic


The Path of the Mystic


When everything false in you dies, what remains is the truth of love. -Amoda Maa


The path of the Mystic

is beyond words. 


It is a fall into the Heart of Darkness

in which the self is sacrificed over and over again.


The mystic dies into God

and yet returns to the World

to offer the self as the ultimate sacrifice.


This offering serves the totality,

it is the giving of formlessness to form

so that form may come

to know its own true nature.


It is the Tantra of Life. 

It is the Way of the Mystic.


When chaos appears in your World,

when disturbance appears in your mind,

when desolation appears in your emotional body,

do not turn away assuming that there has been some mistake.


Do not try to bury that

which hurts in the recesses

of your consciousness,

for this that appears

so dark and dangerous

is in fact an offering of light.


It is a call for Death 

that allows a Resurrection. 


In the surrender

to complete annihilation

of that part of you

that clings to an idea of self-identity

based on a picture created in the mind,

there is a relaxation

around the terror of non-existence.


This relaxation allows

all false concepts of self

– even ones that provide

a sense of security as the “I”

– to be offered into

the Fire of Transmutation.


Out of the ashes of this offering,

arises the Phoenix

with wings of gold.


This is the birth

of a new

awakened consciousness,

more transparent

and more luminous

than anything you could

imagine yourself to be.


When all hell breaks loose,

my friend, do not waste

this opportunity for falling into

the arms of the Beloved.


For this is who You truly are. 


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Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. In 2002, after many years of spiritual seeking, Amoda maameditation and immersion in psycho-spiritual practices, an experience of the dark night of the soul led to a profound inner awakening. Today, she offers satsangs and retreats to a growing global audience, and is a regular guest speaker at the Science and Nonduality conference and other gatherings in the USA. She is the author of Change Your Life, Change Your World and Radical Awakening, also for Watkins


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