This Moment is in Love with You – Amoda Maa Poetry

Can you see how every wave that appears in the field of your perception is unique, and that there are an infinite number of waves? No two waves are ever the same; each moment is born afresh, anew … what endless creativity!

All this is for you, totally and utterly for you and no-one else! The whole world is created just for you! This moment is truly in love with you, completely devoted to you. 

And this love is limitless, unbounded; it does not deny you anything. This love is not conditional on whether you give something back or whether you give nothing back.

It has nothing to do with whether you love this moment, whether you hate this moment, whether you are at peace with this moment, or at war with this moment. It is here, come what may … and whether you are here or not!

Living the truth of awakening is the full recognition and acceptance of the fact that this moment is totally here, totally devoted to you, totally intimate … whether you like this moment or not.

This article has been cross-posted from Amoda Maa’s website.

Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. In 2002, after many years of spiritual seeking, Amoda maameditation and immersion in psycho-spiritual practices, an experience of the dark night of the soul led to a profound inner awakening. Today, she offers satsangs and retreats to a growing global audience, and is a regular guest speaker at the Science and Nonduality conference and other gatherings in the USA. She is the author of Change Your Life, Change Your World and Radical Awakening, also for Watkins


Amoda Maa
Radical Awakening
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