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Thoughts on Presenting the Extraordinary 12-Type Enneagram

(By Matthew Campling)

I am literally the only person in the UK who has the knowledge and credibility to discuss and present this fantastic new system of knowledge. This is a humbling position to be in – and a very exciting one – and a daunting one. When I talk about the 12-Type Enneagram people say ‘oh yes, I know all about that – but isn’t it a 9-type thing?’ The answer is – ‘Yes, there are various 9 type interpretations. But all of these begin from taking the diagram as it is, and putting various pieces of information to it. There are many differences between the various 9 type depictions, and the 12-Type Enneagram – one of which is that there is evidence (from Gurdjieff) that it is the true interpretation – because unlike the various 9 type ‘personality type’ depictions, the 12-Type Enneagram tells you why the diagram looks like that’.

The Enneagram is perpetually fascinating because no one can state with proof its exact origins. Gurdjieff apparently brought it back from the East, but in the Gurdjieff Society (who are the true holders of Gurdjieff’s legacy) they do not know about the ‘essence types’ which is what the 12-Type Enneagram depicts. The 12-Type Enneagram depicts the 12 essence types – we are all one type, or two if we are ‘hybrids’, who have the equal influence of two types. And what is depicted and explained is the alchemical influence on us of the planetary rays.
But it’s not astrology. Astrology is concerned with our birthdate, with the waning and waxing of different planetary influences. Our 12-Type Essence type is always with us. Much of what we think of as our ‘personality’ is actually the presence and manifestation of the planetary rays. But we don’t have to take this as ‘faith’: Gurdjieff himself said do not believe anything you cannot prove. And there is abundant proof that the 12-Type Enneagram types actually exist. Every day we will bounce unconsciously around the Enneagram, manifesting different sorts of behaviour. But all of these can be discovered within the 12-Type Enneagram.

For example: we all wake up in the morning from sleep, in Lunar type energy. Lunar types are the ‘childlike, innocent, creative, intuitive thinkers’. When we sleep, this is the energy in which we dream. Once we wake up, we spend a moment to pull ourselves together, plan what we’re going to wear in Venus type energy. This is the energy for appreciating beauty, and colour, and fragrant smells. It’s our one-to-one relationship energy, which is why if we are with a partner we will often start the day nice and sleepy and friendly – and then change when we have to get up and get on with the day’s tasks.
The energy for this, for organising the kids and our daily morning routine, is the Mercury type energy. It’s the fastest moving energy, it’s where we go for organisation. Then we set out. The ‘younger’ types – the Lunar, Venus, Mercury and the hybrids (Lunar-Venus; Venus-Mercury; Mercury-Saturn type) – tend to stay within these three younger energies. The older types – Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and the hybrids (Saturn-Mars; Mars-Jupiter, Jupiter-Lunar type) will go out into the world and try to affect it. So whether ‘work’ is at home, in an office or any other environment, the ‘older’ types will continue to process through the 12-Type Enneagram. (younger types can manifest the older energies, but if they have to do too much of this they can burn out – which is one reason why some people have breakdowns).
We should always move through the various type energies in the same order: 1,4,2,8, 5,7 (see my website for details on why this is) This corresponds to Lunar (1), Venus (4), Mercury (2) Saturn (8), Mars (5) Jupiter (7) type energies.

The Saturn type energy is ‘deep thinking, creative’. The Saturn types are those people who always seem to have a lot going on inside them. They deliberate before speaking and when they make an observation we are sometimes amazed by how deeply they have thought through some topic or work question. The Mars types are those bold, adventurous individuals who often get themselves into positions of authority. These are the individuals who can be relied on to manage, the ‘movers and shakers’.
Finally there is the Jupiter type energy, and the Jupiter and Jupiter-Lunar type individuals. The Jupiter type energy is ‘nurturing, supportive, always benevolent’. These are the individuals we go to for support and understanding. As an energy, this is the final energy we go to, in order to rest, to reward ourselves and to value what efforts we have made. Often we will stop at the energy before, the sometimes-warlike Mars type energy, which is why, at the end of the day, a busy executive will stop off at the bar for too many drinks. Simply, they are full of Mars type energy and they want to ‘get out of my head’. But with the 12-Type Enneagram we realise that what we should do is quietly come back to ourselves, to think through our achievements, and support ourselves for the various trials through which we have been during the day.
So this is a simple depiction of the six main ‘essence type’ energies. Not only do we have one essence type, but we have all the energies in us – so it’s highly beneficial if we learn more about the types and use these energies in the right order.

About the Author: Matthew Campling (MA Psych, BA Hons Cllg) is an accredited psychotherapist who has run a private therapy practice for nearly 20 years. He has facilitated workshops matthewaround the country. He is the only person qualified to present the 12-Type Enneagram in the UK. Matthew is the author of two health-related books, Eating Disorder Self-Cure and Therapeutic Weight Loss, and has had seven plays produced. He has written articles for GQ magazine, The Independent and Therapy Today. He was a regular guest expert on ITV’s Trisha and is a popular media spokesperson for magazines and newspapers, radio and television.
Find out more on Matthew Campling’s website-  www.12egram.com, and on the various YouTube videos.
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Matthew Campling
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