Unlock Your Confidence With The Help of Dr Gary Wood

This relaxation exercise is straight out of Dr Gary Wood’s book Unlock Your Confidence: Find The Keys To Lasting Change Through The Confidence Karma Method.  

Two-Minute Stress-Buster

This is a favourite technique of mine. It was developed as a challenge to people who say they just don’t have time to ‘mess about’ with relaxation exercises. I maintain that if you can’t take two minutes, three times a day, to do this little exercise then it’s high time you looked at your life balance and time management. Here it is:

• Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart, head up and eyes closed and do seven counted abdominal breaths.

• Breathe in fully through your nose and smile.

• Hold for the mental count of four

• Breathe out through your mouth and say ‘aaaaaah’ in the form of a sigh.

• Do this seven to ten times.

Do this three times throughout the day. Every hour on the hour would be even better. If you are not able to do this exercise in private, just say ‘aaaah’ in your imagination. After a week of doing the exercise, review it. How is it working for you? When are the best times for you?

Unlock Your Confidence


Dr. Gary Wood
Unlock Your Confidence
Available from Watkins Publishing






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