Watkins New Titles: August 2019

We’re publishing a fantastic range of new titles this month at Watkins Publishing, including never-before published materials from one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, Jiddu Krishnamurti. Can The Mind Be Quiet? consists of 60 previously unpublished chapters detailing Krishnamurti’s real encounters in the 1960s and 1970s, and will captivate with its luminous prose and piercing insight.

We’ll also be publishing one deck this month, with the unique two-card system of The Ancestral Oracle of the Celts forging pathways between yourself and your ancestors whereby the querent is also asked questions in order to clarify their thinking.

How To Have Meaningful Conversations by Sarah Rozenthuler
Released 13th August, RRP £12.99

Talk is our key tool for moving forward in every aspect of our life. Yet how often do you feel you’ve missed an opportunity or failed to express what mattered most to you? Simple and easy to follow, psychologist Sarah Rozenthuler presents key strategies and exercises to help you improve your communication.

How to Have Meaningful Conversations by Sarah Rozenthuler (Watkins Publishing)

Can The Mind Be Quiet? by J. Krishnamurti
Released 13th August, RRP £9.99

One of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century describes a series of his encounters around the world with a wide variety of spiritual seekers. Their questions and his answers explore the nature of the lived experience, the details of profound self-inquiry and how to live a fulfilled life.

Can The Mind Be Quiet? by J. Krishnamurti (Watkins Publishing)

The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity by Chris Mackey
Released 13th August, RRP £12.99

For all those interested in mental wellness as well as mental health practitioners, this book makes the strongest case yet that synchronicity and other forms of intuitive insight promote wellbeing and help us transform mental health issues into personal growth.

The Positive Psychology of Syncronicity by Chris Mackey (Watkins Publishing)

Ancestral Oracle of the Celts by Caitlín Matthews
Released 13th August, RRP £16.99

By the renowned Celtic and shamanic expert Caitlín Matthews, this is the only oracle that uses the archetypes of the Celtic world to connect us to our ancestors, allowing us to consult them for guidance and insight, and to respond to their questions to clarify our thinking.

The Ancestral Oracle of the Celts by Caitlín Matthews (Watkins Publishing)