Watkins New Titles: June 2020

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Watkins, alongside many of our peers, had to take a fresh look at our upcoming titles. A few titles will be published as planned in both paperback and ebook formats, some titles will be published in only ebook format, with their paperback counterparts to be published at a later date.

How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, Ben Aldridge

June 9th; £12.99 (physical), £10.99

Join Ben Aldridge as he offers a selection of strange and wonderful challenges designed to take you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Ben shows you that learning new skills, mental and physical, will help you to cultivate a stronger, healthier, more resilient mindset to face your everyday challenges.

Pre-order in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon.

A Short History of (Nearly) Everything Paranormal, Tej Simonsen

June 9th; £20 (physical), £9.99 (ebook)

The book on the paranormal, endorsed by consciousness experts as the best introduction to psychic phenomena, offering the latest scientific research as well as highly compelling anecdotes.

Pre-order in multiple formats from Amazon.

365 Ways to Live a Buddhist Life, ed. by Desmond Biddulph and Darcy Flynn

June 9th; £9.99 (physical), £4.99 (ebook)

A beautiful collection of quotations, insights and short tales which form an attractive introduction to Buddhism in all its richness and variety. Great for the newcomer and a multifaceted pick-me-up for the more experienced practitioner. 

Pre-order in multiple formats from Amazon.

Mysteries, Colin Wilson

June 9th; £20.00

Essential reading for everyone interested in the paranormal, this is the sequel to Colin Wilson’s bestselling The Occult and a classic in its own right, drawing on the author’s extraordinary first-hand investigations.

Pre-order in paperback only from Amazon.

A Guide to Eco-Anxiety, Anouchka Grose

June 9th; £7.99 (ebook)

This is the first book to tackle the growing phenomenon of eco-anxiety. Written by a psychoanalyst, this book offers the emotional tools to cope, as well as strategies to ease anxiety by taking positive action on a personal and community level.

Pre-order in ebook format from Amazon.

Positively Wealthy, Emma Mumford

June 9th; £7.99 (ebook)

This is a spiritual yet practical guide to succeeding with money with daily steps to shift your money mindset, offering spiritual guidance to radically improve your financial and mental wealth.

Pre-order in ebook format from Amazon.

Finding Peace in Difficult Times, Divya Kohli

Available NOW from Watkins; 9th June (from Amazon); £4.99 (ebook only)

Finding Peace in Difficult Times is a guide to how to feel grounded and safe during times of challenge. A gentle yet powerful toolkit for support during stressful periods, such as illness or bereavement, financial worries or simply feeling burnt out. 

Available from the Watkins site right now. Pre-order at Amazon.