What Is the Confidence Karma Method?

This is an extract from the book Unlock Your Confidence: Find The Keys To Lasting Change Through The Confidence Karma Method by Dr. Gary Wood. This gives an overview of the various chapters and steps that Dr. Gary Wood deals with in this fantastic book.

To learn more, see Dr. Gary Wood’s book Unlock Your Confidence.

The Confidence-Karma process begins by establishing what’s going on for you right now. It’s about getting an idea of what confidence means for you. It’s very much how I would work with you as a client in the coaching process.

Chapter 1 offers self-evaluation exercises in confidence and esteem and also looks at your definition of confidence and the attitudes it entails. The chapter also offers a model explaining how all the various aspects of confidence building fit together and how various components in the model control and influence each other. Subsequent chapters explore each component of the model, with various exercises so that you experience and understand how the model works.

Chapter 2 continues the self-evaluation process by considering how confidence fluctuates in different environments and the factors that may affect it. It also gets you to consider your skills and strengths. The Confidence-Karma Approach is always about building on what you already have.

Chapter 3 explores the mind–body connection, in particular relaxation, the cornerstone of confidence building. The various exercises are to help you control stress, get in touch with your body and consider the impact of health on confidence.

Building on the mind–body insights, Chapter 4 offers tips and exercises for creating positive first impressions, improving communication skills, including use of body language, and developing assertiveness. This chapter is useful for developing confidence in others too.

Chapter 5 is the heart of Unlock Your Confidence and the Confidence-Karma Approach. It deals with values and attitudes. These are the real drivers and shapers of our behaviour and our lives, and the fundamental keys to unlocking your confidence

Chapter 6 introduces a number of psychological principles and how these impact on confidence building, using the triangle device. The aim of this chapter is to get you to consider your feelings, actions and thoughts from different perspectives.

Chapter 7 addresses resistance to change and suggests tools for building resilience and coping.

Chapter 8 begins the process of raising aspirations by exploring how our inner dialogue and imagination impact on confidence building.

Chapter 9 continues the process of raising aspirations by considering goals and the benefit of linking them with values and strengths.

The whole process is rounded off in Chapter 10 with special exercises to help you consolidate your learning experiences using the Confidence-Karma Approach.

Unlock Your Confidence
Dr. Gary Wood
Unlock Your Confidence
£10.99, Available from Watkins Publishing

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