Why Bad Luck Can’t Stop You From Being Successful

A commenter on my YouTube channel, Alaya, whose story epitomizes the struggle many of us face when looking at our future, mentions his passion and talent for music. He then goes on to say that success in this industry depends largely on luck. This means he could have all the necessary talent, put in over 10,000 hours of practice and establish the right connections (in other words, do everything within his power to be successful), yet still find he can’t create an income through his passion for music. 

Sounds pretty scary, right? The thought that some random event, or a sequence of random of events, or a lucky break never occurring, could prevent you from achieving your aim, is enough to make you think twice about ever starting. 

Why risk it? Why risk all the effort if you can’t guarantee your efforts will have a positive outcome? 

I understand this point of view. I used to think this
way myself. After all, we’re raised in a system where luck is understood as the determining factor for success, health and wealth. How many times do you hear people saying, “he or she was so lucky” when talking about a colleague getting a new job? Worse still, how many times do you hear famous figures crediting their achievements to luck? 

Such comments create a societal belief, which Alaya accepts, that attaining high profile and sought-after positions depends largely on luck. When so many millions of people have the same dream, which only a few hundred attain, then success can’t be explained in any other way. 

I want to introduce you to the idea that it can. I don’t want you disregarding an option to make money from one of your passions because you think the chances for success are determined by luck. After all, many of the passions on your Dream Job Chart that scored highest for enjoyment and fulfilment might not have rated above a three or four in the “potential to monetize” column. What do you do if this is the case? 

First, I want you to watch a video. Taken from my YouTube channel, it explains the “luck myth” and why you have a 66 per cent chance at being successful when making a living from your passion. 

Like the sound of those odds? When you realize success occurs because of the number of hours you put into a project, the belief you have in yourself and your product and your ability to adapt to and use circumstances to your advantage, then you no longer need to fear or rely on luck. Educate yourself on how to become successful. Alongside my video, there are plenty of books (including my own) on habits, mindsets and strategies that people use to ensure they achieve their aims.

Study these. Also, study the successful people you know personally. Do so, and you’ll notice there’s a trend. Successful people tend to remain successful, even building on their successes. They don’t yo-yo between success and failure on a month-to-month basis. Of course, there are ups and downs, but people follow a general trend. A person is either on the path to success, struggling to get by, flatlining or locked in self- destruct mode. That’s not to say they can’t change, but their lives will always follow one trend or another. 

Trends indicate that something other than luck determines success. If chance determined our outcomes, then our lives would be far more extreme and unpredictable than they generally are. Can you accurately predict where you’ll be this time next week? What about next month? How about six months from now? The fact you probably can indicates luck doesn’t play as big a role as The System would have us believe. Therefore, we can surmise that your approach (both mental and strategic) to the work you do plays the determining factor in whether you’ll be successful. 

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