Why Make Your Own Cleaning Products?

The Natural Way to Clean by Dr Penny Stanway was published on 14th April and today we’re taking a look inside at Dr Penny’s top reasons for choosing to make products at home rather than buying them at the supermarket. If you feel inspired, you can buy the ebook now for just £1.50!

For thousands of years, people have been using natural products to soothe, treat, beautify and cleanse. Many are still used in commercial products today, although they are now usually combined with harsh chemicals. Making your own cleaning products may seem like a lot of work, but many of the suggestions in the book are extremely quick and easy, and use everyday ingredients that you will most likely find you already have in your storecupboard.

Today, we are used to relying on pharmacies and supermarkets, and the number of cleaning products that are now on offer can be quite overwhelming! With these cleaning products comes both a toxic load for us and our environment. In recent years the magic powers of tidying and cleaning our surroundings and belongings has been shown to have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing. We are also now questioning more whether we should be using products that are bad for the environment.

The use of natural products is often referred to as “green cleaning”. Making your own products cuts out the levels of pollution that are made during the production of commercial cleaning products, as well as reducing plastic consumption. Not all of the packaging for store-bought cleaning products is recyclable. Some commercial cleaning products may contain ingredients that are tested on animals.

By going back to basics, and taking a more natural approach to how we treat our household management, we are taking back control of what we are exposing our families to, and how we’re treating the planet. Making your own products fosters a mindful connection with your living space and your environment, making you more aware of the air you’re breathing and how you’re treating your space: what’s more, you appreciate the product much more when you have made it with your own hands. And it enables you to use what you may have already in your store cupboard, particularly useful if you physically can’t get to a supermarket.

The Natural Way to Clean is your guide to making your own cleaning products for your home, using three core ingredients you can easily get hold of. Making your own saves you money, keeps your home sparkling and germ free – and helps the planet. You’ll find useful and effective ways to use a few simple kitchen staples: lemons, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar to make your whole house spotless. You will learn how to make formulas for all sorts of different tasks from the kitchen to the bedroom and all the rooms in between, including carpet freshener, natural room spray and a cleaning paste for your jewellery. I’ll take you through the steps needed to make these everyday necessities without spending a fortune – and you may even enjoy it!

The Natural Way to Clean is available now, and is currently just £1.50 on the Watkins website.