Watkins is a leading publisher of personal development and mind-body-spirit books. Working in partnership with outstanding authors, we produce authoritative, cutting edge titles, both illustrated and non-illustrated. Offering fresh interpretations on important subjects, old and new, Watkins is dedicated to inspiring and entertaining our readers and making a positive difference in the world.

Watkins is one of the oldest Mind Body Spirit publishers in the world. Along with our sister imprint, Nourish, we have a list of over 350 titles that cover a range of areas including wellbeing, healthy cookery, meditation, divination and much more of mind, body and spirit.

Watkins Publishing reflects the development of spiritual thinking and new science over the past 120 years. We remain at the cutting edge and our commitment is to offer life-improving wisdom to anyone and everyone.

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Unlock Your Confidence 4

Unlock Your Confidence With The Help of Dr. Gary Wood

This relaxation exercise is straight out of Dr. Gary Wood's book Unlock Your Confidence: Find The Keys To Lasting Change…
Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility

For those willing it is time to accept full and unequivocal responsibility for all aspects of our life. We cannot…

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how to be mindful at work

10 Ways to Be Mindful at Work

Most of us will spend about 30% of our lives - about 25-30 years - working. That’s a lot of…
Colouring for contemplation2

Download 3 Free Colouring Pages from More Colouring for Contemplation!

The follow-on title to the hugely successful Colouring for Contemplation, More Colouring for Contemplation is divided into 4 sections; love,…

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Happiness Matters

We all want to be happy but what is happiness? Haim Shapira navigates the terrain of happiness, exploring and contemplating…

What Motivates You at Work?

Simple steps to fulfilling your potential. Over the last 20 years, I’ve asked thousands of people what motivates them and…

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Kabbalah: the Methods of Abulafia Kabbalah

The Practical Kabbalah of Abraham Abulafia survived centuries of censorship. Discover why. Who Was Abraham Abulafia? In case you missed…

How a Near Death Experience Can Change a Person’s Life?

What is a Near-Death Experience? is the first of a new series of entry-level mind, body, spirit guides. Author Penny…