Author: Rachel Gladman


Kodo Nishimura is Coming to the UK!

Watkins Media is thrilled to announce that Kodo Nishimura–internationally celebrated LGBTQIA+ activist, make-up artist and Buddhist Monk–is presenting a series of exclusive talks and workshops at Pantechnicon between the 14th and 20th of March, which will include the launch of the English language edition of…

Meet Your Feet

By Yamuna Zake In honour of National Feet Week, we are sharing an extract from The Foot Fix by Yamuna Zake. In this chapter titled 'Meet Your Feet', Yamuna asks us to take a closer look at our feet and the way we walk. At…

Talking About Therapy With Your Partner

By Karin Blak The prospect of talking with our partner about therapy can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable: admitting to needing psychological or emotional help can evoke anxieties of being seen as weak or letting our partner down in some way. We can worry…
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