Tim Freke

Tim Freke has spent his life exploring the ‘Mystery Experience’ and sharing it with others. He has an honours degree in Philosophy and is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality.

Tim Wallace-Murphy

Tim Wallace-Murphy is an author, lecturer, and historian. He has written several bestsellers including Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail and Cracking the Symbol Code.

Tobias Churton

Tobias Churton is a writer, composer and filmmaker. He has a Master’s degree in Theology from Oxford, and is an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University where he lectures on Western Esotericism.

Zoë Sallis

Zoë Sallis was born in India and educated in England, attending Cheltenham Ladies' College. After college she won a scholarship to the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, and went on to act in theatre, TV and film.

Tony Allan

Tony Allan served as Series Editor of the Time-Life History of the World and worked as author and consultant on their Myth and Mankind series. His books include Ancient Rome, The Archaeology of the Afterlife, The Symbol Detective and The Mythic Bestiary (all published by…

J.R. Porter

The late J.R. Porter was Professor Emeritus of Theology at the University of Exeter. His publications include The Oxford Companion to the Bible, Harper's Bible Dictionary, The Illustrated Guide to the Bible and Jesus Christ (last two DBP).