earth mysteries


Connecting With Mother Earth

Connected With mother Earth is an extract from  Earth Blessings: Using crystals for personal energy clearing, Earth Healing and environmental enhancement by Judy Hall. Our planet is in constant dynamic motion, flowing and changing, expanding and contracting. To the ancients the Earth was alive, a…
Personal Development

The Shaman Within

- By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free The sensationalist portrayal of a Shaman usually involves something rather foreign and ominous, harking back to times of sacrifice and secrecy. However, stripped back to its core a Shaman is simply one who is wise. They have come to learn and respect…

Iona and the Holy Mountain

 - by Claire Nahmad I wonder what your immediate thoughts might be regarding the manifestation of a World Teacher. I was always somewhat unimpressed. The idea of Maitreya arising, or the Imam Mahdi, or John as Rudolf Steiner predicted, seemed somehow a bit bloke-ish and…